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  • CDL Lead Instructor - Full Time

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    Miller-Motte Technical - Charleston
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    Full Time
  • Job Posting Overview

    A Lead Instructor is responsible for teaching courses, but additionally assumes the administrative responsibilities of a

    Program Director. In situations where a program is being newly implemented or taught out and the student population

    And does not warrant a Program Director, the Lead Instructor provides leadership and oversight to the program. Similarly,

    when two schools in close proximity are both offering the same program, a Program Director may be physically located at

    one campus while a Lead Instructor is physically located at the other. Finally, there may be situations where a program is

    large enough where both a Program Director and a Lead Instructor are needed to provide adequate oversight to the

    faculty and students in a program.


    Reporting to the Director of Education, the Lead Instructor provides subject matter expertise and actively participates in

    the curriculum development, revision and implementation process. As the subject matter expert in a particular program,

    the Lead Instructor provides face to face product knowledge training to the Admissions group, utilizing materials

    generated via the centralized curriculum development process. The Lead Instructor is responsive to the Admissions staff

    when asked to engage with potential students and actively participates in new student orientation. The Lead Instructor is

    responsible for hiring, assigning, orienting, developing, evaluating and recognizing instructors within the program of study.

    The Lead Instructor will convene meetings with faculty on a regular basis.


    The Lead Instructor is also responsible for monitoring and supporting the student population within his/her program of

    study. The Lead Instructor plays an active role in the student advising process, including advising students during the

    provisional period, meeting with students who initiate a complaint, advising students who have career-oriented questions,

    and consulting with students whose engagement and/or academic progress is in question. The Lead Instructor analyzes

    student population data, working with faculty and staff to identify students who may be at risk, and contacting students to

    identify barriers to success and to provide support and information concerning student services.


    The Lead Instructor is responsible for continuous improvement of the program. Actively engaged in the development and

    maintenance of the campus effectiveness plan, the Lead Instructor collects data for purposes of analyzing program

    performance. The Lead Instructor shares responsibility with Career Services for the identification of local advisory board

    members, for establishing an agenda for those meetings, hosting the meetings, and documenting the outcomes of the

    advisory board meetings. Program performance data and feedback from the local advisory board is shared with the CRC

    Academic team for purposes of (centralized) continuous improvement of the curriculum.


    Finally, the Lead Instructor is responsible for working collaboratively with Career Services staff to develop relationships

    with employers who are willing to provide opportunities for students to participate in externships, internships, clinicals and

    practicum experiences at their worksite. The Lead Instructor is responsible for hiring the instructor of record for the

    externship, internship, clinical and practicum courses that award credit and/or contact hours and holding that individual

    responsible for following Delta’s policies and procedures associated with the management of externships.


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    Job Posting Qualifications


    • Education requirement varies by field of instruction:
      • For Commercial Driver’s License (CDL): High School Diploma or GED
    • Industry certification in field of instruction if required by industry, or demonstrated knowledge equivalent to the certification.
    • 3 years of experience in academic instruction in a post-secondary environment
    • 5 years of industry experience in the field of instruction.
    • 2 years of experience in a management or supervisory role instruction, or equivalent work experience in the field of instruction equivalent work experience in the field of instruction.
    • Ability to qualify as an instructor



    • Master’s Degree
    • 5 years of experience in academic instruction in a post-secondary environment
    • 10 years of experience in the field of instruction
    • Working knowledge of federal/state government education regulations
    • 3 years of experience in a management or supervisory role
    • Previous experience as an academic program director
    • Experience in student guidance, or related field
    • Working knowledge of federal/state government education regulations

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

    • Knowledge regarding faculty development, including requirements, delivery methods and reporting.
    • Motivation, dedication, professionalism, integrity, and enthusiasm for teaching.
    • Ability to show sensitivity to the needs and requirements of adult learners.
    • Ability and desire to embrace the school’s mission.
    • Ability to inspire students to the highest level of achievement in preparation for meeting employer expectations.
    • Knowledge of industry standards and requirements within field of instruction.
    • Knowledge of and ability to facilitate learning on course content in field of instruction.
    • Excellent organizational skills.
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and database programs (CampusVue preferred).
    • Ability to develop and use collaborative relationships for the purpose of accomplishing work objectives;
    • developing relationships with other individuals by listening, sharing ideas, and appreciating others' efforts.
    • Superior verbal and written communication skills.
    • Interpersonal relationship skills necessary for positive interactions with students, alumni, faculty and employers.
    • Excellent creative and problem solving skills in dealing with students, alumni, employers, faculty and staff.
    • Ability to meet and/or exceed defined goals.
    • Excellent presentation skills and ability to present ideas effectively to individuals or groups in a formal setting.
    • Management skills in planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating programs and policies in a dynamic and
    • changing environment.
    • Knowledge of the federal Department of Education, state, local and accreditation standards.

    Job Posting Responsibilities

    I. Provides Services to Students

    • Meets with each first term student during the provisional period to answer any questions and to provide
    • students with the opportunity to validate their choice of school and program.
    • Advises students on scheduling and provides program-specific guidance.
    • Supplements Instructor advisement for students receiving failing mid-term reports.
    • Provides academic advisement/counseling as needed to students. Provides referrals to outside resources
    • when counseling needs go beyond the scope of the school. Provides or arranges for student tutoring when
    • needed.
    • Leads student retention initiatives for students in the program who experience barriers to success.
    • Maintains regular contact with all students within program area and responds to their questions and/or
    • concerns in a timely manner. Posts office hours for students.
    • Refers students to appropriate staff for non-academic problem resolution.
    • Participates in each term’s New Student Orientation Program; orients re-entering students returning to school.
    • Contacts students who miss two consecutive days from class or whose absence during the week results in
    • more than four absences during the term.
    • Maintains records of interactions and correspondence with students (i.e. phone calls, emails, mail).
    • Monitors contact, and results of contact, from instructors to students in assigned program area(s). Makes
    • calls weekly to students who (a) were not called or could not be reached; (b) did not return as promised; or (c)
    • did not offer plans to return by a specific date. Offers appropriate academic advice and demonstrates
    • genuine interest in students.
    • Identifies students needing tutoring and provides instructors and/or peers for tutoring where required.

    II. Oversees Status of Quality of Curriculum, Instructional Materials, Equipment, and Facilities

    • Serves as a subject matter expert regarding academic curriculum for program area.
    • Actively participates in the curriculum development/revision process lead by the CRC Academic team.
    • Provides leadership in the implementation of new and revised curriculum.
    • Schedules, develops agenda for and convenes the local Advisory Board; keeps meeting minutes for each
    • meeting.
    • Monitors classroom instructional materials including equipment in the classrooms and laboratories, bulletin
    • boards, and supplemental teaching aids.
    • Provides input into creating the master schedule regarding course sequencing, offerings, room assignments,
    • and instructor teaching assignments.
    • Manages externship, student clinic, practicum, and/or related programs.


    III. Oversees Faculty Performance and Development

    • Assists the Director of Education in the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of faculty for program of study.
    • Evaluates the transcript of faculty to determine course assignments.
    • Orients, monitors, supervises, mentors, and assists new instructors.
    • Ensures that all program area Instructors adhere to required administrative and classroom delivery duties and
    • requirements as outlined in the job description for Instructor.
    • Ensures completeness of faculty files and documentation of official transcripts, professional development,
    • observations, and performance reviews.
    • Provides leadership and support to full-time and part-time day and evening instructors and supervises their
    • instructional and program needs.
    • Observes classes within program area and coaches instructors to continually improve instructional
    • presentation and classroom management skills.
    • Conducts performance appraisals of department faculty members including areas of strength and recommendations for improvement and future skill set development.
    • Conducts regular weekly day and evening faculty meetings. 
    • Provides departmental product knowledge training to Admissions and Career Services personnel as requested.
    • Provides information to all departments as trends and changes in program specialty areas occur.
    • Assists admissions personnel with student recruitment as requested.
    • Promotes faculty participation and provides leadership in the professional development activities of program faculty members and the documentation of those activities.
    • Participates actively in a minimum of one professional organization within the community.
    • Convenes faculty meetings and attends in-service programs.
    • Maintains a record of professional development activities.
    • Maintains current personal knowledge of federal, state, institutional regulations, and accreditation standards related to program area.
    • Participates in preparation of government and accreditation reports and ensure their timely submission and accuracy.
    • Assists the Director of Education in evaluating data collected from student questionnaires and conducts faculty conferences when necessary to discuss the results and provides recommendations for improvement. 
    • Maintains regular office hours each week to ensure consistency between day and evening policies, procedures and instruction.
    • Collaborates with peers and associates to ensure coordination of interdepartmental activities.
    • Intervenes in and work to resolve any personnel issues that arise among program area instructors.
    • Assists the Director of Education in planning program budgetary needs.
    • Performs all duties of a full-time Instructor.
    • Teaches up to five classes depending on program size and other responsibilities beyond this job description.


    IV. Leads and Develops Others

    • Provides clearly defined roles and objectives for faculty, monitors performance, provides feedback, and meets
    • regularly to discuss priorities.
    • Resolves individual and group performance opportunities in a timely manner to motivate and foster teamwork.
    • Identifies opportunities to involve others in new and challenging work assignments that advance the skills and
    • capabilities of individuals and the organization.


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